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Basel to Scharans by train

The journey from Basel to Scharans by train is 106.07 mi and takes 5 hr 27 min. There are 29 connections per day, with the first departure at 11:33 AM and the last at 11:07 PM. It is possible to travel from Basel to Scharans by train for as little as or as much as . The best price for this journey is .

Journey Duration5 hr 27 min
Connection per Day29
First Departure11:33 AM
Last Departure11:07 PM
Distance106.07 mi

Your journey from Basel to Scharans with Virail

What's the best way to get from Basel to Scharans? If you're not sure, don't worry - Virail can help you. The only thing you have to do is enter your planned travel dates, and let Virail's powerful search tool deal with the rest. We'll look at the routes offered by our trusted travel partners to give you all your available options. Whether you want to travel by plane, train, bus, carpool, or something else, we'll find your ideal solution. You can filter your results according to price, departure or arrival time, journey duration, number of connections, one-way or round trip - anything you want. Virail will give you a full, clear picture of how to get from Basel to Scharans, then transfer you to your chosen provider's website to complete your booking.

How much does it cost to get from Basel to Scharans by train?

Prices will vary when you travel from Basel to Scharans. On average, though, you'll pay about for a train ticket. You can find train tickets for prices as low as , but it may require some flexibility with your travel plans. If you're looking for a low price, you may need to prepare to spend more time in transit. You can also often find cheaper train tickets at particular times of day, or on certain days of the week. Of course, ticket prices often change during the year, too; expect to pay more in peak season. For the lowest prices, it's usually best to make your reservation in advance. Be careful, though, as many providers do not offer refunds or exchanges on their cheapest train tickets.
Unfortunately, no price was found for your trip from Basel to Scharans. Selecting a new departure or arrival city, without dramatically changing your itinerary could help you find price results.
When you're traveling from Basel to Scharans, you can expect to pay an average of approximately . Some forms of transport are cheaper than others, and prices will vary according to time of day, day of the week, season, and other factors. For the cheapest train tickets, make your reservation well in advance. If you can, travel at an off-peak time, as train ticket prices will often be reduced. You might also be able to save money by booking a connecting journey, rather than a direct route. Be sure to check the conditions of the ticket before booking, as sometimes cheaper train tickets cannot be changed or refunded. Use Virail to check your options before booking, to ensure that you find the lowest price for your journey.

How much time will it take to go from Basel to Scharans by train?

Traveling from Basel to Scharans by train will usually take 5 hr 27 min. This journey covers a distance of 106.07 mi . When planning your trip, bear in mind that 5 hr 27 min is an average, and route times may vary from day to day. Weather conditions, issues with transport, unexpected diversions, and local events could all cause delays to your journey. Please keep the possibility of these exceptional events in mind when making travel plans. In order to get from Basel to Scharans faster, consider looking for an express service that makes fewer stops along the way. Conversely, a connecting route may, in some circumstances, be faster than a direct journey. The fastest routes between Basel and Scharans will complete the journey in 3 hr 6 min. On average, it will take you about 5 hr 27 min to travel the 106.07 mi between Basel and Scharans.

At what time of the day can I travel from Basel to Scharans?

In general, the first departure of the day will leave Basel at 11:33 AM, and the last departure will leave at 11:07 PM. However, it is important to remember that this is general information, and these journey times are not necessarily available every day. Timetables for each provider on the route from Basel to Scharans can change from day to day or month to month. In particular, many providers offer different schedules on weekdays and weekends. Public holidays, local events, and seasonal timetables can also cause schedules to change. If you prefer to travel at night, you will usually find the first departure from Basel to Scharans leaving at 11:33 AM. Although things may change depending on the day, in general the last departure of the night leaves at 11:07 PM.If you have some flexibility over the day on which you travel, you might find more options available to you. For example, some providers may only run early morning routes on weekdays, when people are traveling to work. You will often find fewer options available on weekends or public holidays.

Which stations are used when traveling from Basel to Scharans?

You can depart from Basel at stations such as Basel Sbb,Basel St. Johann,Basel Bad Bhf,Basel Euroairport FR. At the end of the journey, you will be able to arrive in Scharans at the following stations: Piz Scalottas. Some of these stations may only be served by particular travel providers. Because of this, there may not be a direct connection between all the stations in Basel and Scharans. Plan your journey carefully, as it may be necessary to make another connection before departure or after arrival.

How many journeys from Basel to Scharans are there every day?

You will be able to travel from Basel to Scharans using companies such as . Combined, these providers offer an average of 29 journeys each day. This average figure may not necessarily reflect your chosen travel dates. On certain days of the week, there may be more or less journeys available. At the busiest times, there will be up to departures available in a single day. You can choose to travel from Basel to Scharans using both direct and indirect routes. These options will help you find a journey that suits your budget, your time frame, and the circumstances of your trip. There are, on average, 0 direct connections from Basel to Scharans each day. Indirect connections add more possibilities, giving you extra flexibility when traveling. In an average day, you will find 29 journeys with at least one change. These figures may vary at certain times of year, and some routes might not run every day of the week. Unfortunately, no connection was found for your trip from Basel to Scharans. Selecting a new departure or arrival city, without dramatically changing your itinerary could help you find connections.

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Cheap train tickets from Basel to Scharans
Looking for the best deal on a train ticket for your trip? Here are 4 ways to get cheap train tickets from Basel to Scharans.

Book in advance and save

If you're looking for the best deal for your trip from Basel to Scharans, booking train tickets in advance is a great way to save money, but keep in mind that advance tickets are usually not available until 3 months before your travel date.

Stay flexible with your travel time and explore off-peak journeys

Planning your trips around off-peak travel times not only means that you'll be able to avoid the crowds, but can also end up saving you money. Being flexible with your schedule and considering alternative routes or times will significantly impact the amount of money you spend on getting from Basel to Scharans.

Always check special offers

Checking on the latest deals can help save a lot of money, making it worth taking the time to browse and compare prices. So make sure you get the best deal on your ticket and take advantage of special fares for children, youth and seniors as well as discounts for groups.

Unlock the potential of slower trains or connecting trains

If you're planning a trip with some flexible time, why not opt for the scenic route? Taking slower trains or connecting trains that make more stops may save you money on your ticket – definitely worth considering if it fits in your schedule.

Find the best day to travel to Scharans by train

When travelling to Scharans by train, if you want to avoid crowds you can check how frequently our customers are travelling in the next 30-days using the graph below. On average, the peak hours to travel are between 6:30am and 9am in the morning, or between 4pm and 7pm in the evening. Please keep this in mind when travelling to your point of departure as you may need some extra time to arrive, particularly in big cities!

Services on board SBB from Basel to Scharans
Compare services on board when travelling from Basel to Scharans by train.
Facilities SBB
quiet_zone Quiet zone check
wifi WiFi check
power_sockets Power sockets check
luggage Luggage check
accessibility Accessibility check
food_and_drink Food and drink check
air_con Air conditioning check
bicycle Bicycle check
sleeper_couchette Sleeper check

Basel to Scharans CO2 Emissions by Train

What are the CO2 emissions from Basel to Scharans by train? The CO2 emissions from taking the train between Basel and Scharans are 11.95kg.
How much CO2 do I save by taking the train between Basel and Scharans? By taking the train between Basel and Scharans you will save 22.19kg CO2 emissions compared to a flight, 0.85kg compared to a bus and 15.36kg compared to a car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the distance between Basel and Scharans by train?
Basel to Scharans is 106.07 mi.
How long does the train between Basel and Scharans take?
Basel to Scharans is on average 5 hr 27 min. However the fastest option will get you there in 3 hr 6 min.
How many train connections per day go from Basel to Scharans?
Basel to Scharans has 29 connection(s) per day on average.
What time does the first train from Basel to Scharans leave?
The earliest train from Basel to Scharans departs at 11:33 AM. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
What time does the last train from Basel to Scharans depart?
The latest train from Basel to Scharans departs at 11:07 PM. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
What's the fastest journey time between Basel to Scharans by train?
The fastest journey time by train between Basel and Scharans is 3 hr 6 min.
Is there a direct train from Basel to Scharans?
Yes, there is a direct train between Basel and Scharans.
What are the CO2 emissions for Basel to Scharans by train?
The train journey from Basel to Scharans creates 11.95kg of CO2 emissions.

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