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Istanbul to Ankara by train

The journey from Istanbul to Ankara by train is 218.94 mi and takes 5 hr 46 min. There are 18 connections per day, with the first departure at 6:00 AM and the last at 11:41 PM. It is possible to travel from Istanbul to Ankara by train for as little as $10.27 or as much as $13.97. The best price for this journey is $10.27.

Lowest Price$10.27
Journey Duration5 hr 46 min
Connection per Day18
Lowest Price$10.27
Highest Price$13.97
First Departure6:00 AM
Last Departure11:41 PM
Distance218.94 mi

Istanbul to Ankara Train Times

Departure date
Thursday, Apr 18, 2024

 Traveling from Istanbul to Ankara by Train

Embarking on a train journey from Istanbul, a city that historically bridges Europe and Asia, to Ankara, the capital and heartbeat of Turkey, offers travelers a harmonious blend of ancient allure and contemporary elegance. This route spans approximately 218.94 mi, with an average travel time of around 5 hr 46 min. The "Yüksek Hızlı Tren" (YHT) high-speed train service seamlessly connects these two pivotal cities, ensuring a rapid and plush transit. With 18 departures daily, and passengers have various timing choices. To secure the most economical rates, which can be as attractive as $10.27, early booking is encouraged. For a hassle-free embarkation, it's suggested that passengers arrive a minimum of before the train's departure, considering the mandatory luggage X-ray checks.

YHT, or Yüksek Hızlı Tren, is Turkey's high-speed train service, connecting major cities with efficiency and comfort. Operating at up to 250 km/h speeds, these trains offer a modern and swift alternative to road or air travel. The primary routes include Ankara to Istanbul, Ankara to Konya, and Istanbul to Konya, with plans for further expansion. The trains are equipped with comfortable seating, power sockets, and free WiFi, ensuring a pleasant journey for passengers. Tickets can be booked online or at stations, with various fare options available. YHT is a testament to Turkey's commitment to enhancing its rail infrastructure

Your journey begins at Istanbul's "Söğütlüçeşme" or "Istanbul Pendik" stations. The former is a 10-minute Marmaray suburban train ride from "Sirkeci" station, showcasing seamless connectivity. As you arrive in Ankara, the central railway station, strategically located in the city's core, welcomes you. This hub offers swift transitions to local transport and places you close to iconic sites. The Mausoleum of Atatürk, a symbol of Turkey's rich history, and the architectural gem, Haci Bayram Mosque, are within easy reach. Surrounding the station, various eateries and shops await, perfect for a quick refreshment or souvenir hunting. With YHT, you're not just traveling between cities but embarking on an experience that melds historical grandeur with contemporary luxury.

Things to Do in Ankara:

  1. Visit the Mausoleum of Atatürk, the final resting place of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey.
  2. Explore the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, showcasing artifacts from ancient Anatolia.
  3. Stroll through Gençlik Park, a popular urban park with a lake and recreational areas.
  4. Discover the historic Haci Bayram Mosque and its surrounding old Ankara neighborhood.
  5. Visit the Ankara Castle, offering panoramic views of the city.
  6. Explore the Roman Temple of Augustus and Rome, an ancient temple with an inscribed testament of Emperor Augustus.
  7. Visit the Kocatepe Mosque, the largest mosque in Ankara.
  8. Explore the Ethnography Museum of Ankara, showcasing Turkish history and culture.
  9. Visit the State Art and Sculpture Museum, which displays Turkish art from the late 19th century to the present.
  10. Stroll through the Atatürk Forest Farm and Zoo, a large recreational farming area.

What to eat in Ankara:

  1. İskender Kebap: Thinly sliced grilled lamb served with tomato sauce, yogurt, and butter.
  2. Beypazarı Kurusu: A traditional dry cookie from the Beypazarı district.
  3. Ankara Tava: A dish made with lamb, tomatoes, green peppers, and spices.
  4. Şırdan Dolması: Stuffed sheep's stomach, a unique delicacy.
  5. Kazandibi: A caramelized milk pudding dessert.
  6. Çılbır: Poached eggs with yogurt and spicy melted butter.
  7. Beypazarı Güveci: A traditional stew made with lamb, vegetables, and spices.
  8. Mumbai Dolması: Stuffed intestines, a traditional delicacy.
  9. Keşkek: A dish made from wheat, meat, and butter, slow-cooked to perfection.
  10. Ayran: A conventional yogurt-based drink, perfect for refreshing oneself.

Day Trips from Ankara:

From Ankara, travelers can embark on various day trips that offer unique experiences. Beypazarı, a historic town, is a haven for history enthusiasts with its well-preserved Ottoman architecture, narrow cobbled streets, and traditional crafts. Lake Eymir is a serene escape for those seeking tranquility, ideal for boating, bird-watching, and picnicking. The ancient Hittite capital, Hattusa, is a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a blend of archaeological wonders and scenic landscapes. Delve into the mysteries of the underground city of Derinkuyu, a multi-level subterranean city that once sheltered thousands. The thermal springs of Kızılcahamam are perfect for rejuvenation, with their therapeutic waters set amidst lush forests. The Phrygian Valley, with its unique rock formations and ancient ruins, also provides a glimpse into Turkey's rich past. For adventure seekers, the Çamlıdere caves offer intriguing stalactite and stalagmite formations. Each destination around Ankara offers a unique facet of Turkey's cultural, historical, and natural tapestry, ensuring memorable experiences for every traveler.

Travel Tips for Ankara:

In Ankara, leverage the efficient metro and bus systems by obtaining an "Ankarakart" for seamless commuting. Given its continental climate, pack for hot summers and chilly winters. Delve into the city's rich past at the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and savor traditional dishes like "Ankara Tava." While credit cards are prevalent, carrying cash for smaller establishments is wise. As you navigate Ankara's historic landmarks and contemporary attractions, you'll discover a city that beautifully marries its ancient roots with modern vibrancy.

If the idea of a train journey from Istanbul to Ankara intrigues you, let Virail assist you in planning. With a dedication to curating personalized travel experiences, Virail ensures a seamless and unforgettable journey.

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Cheap train tickets from Istanbul to Ankara
Looking for the best deal on a train ticket for your trip? Here are 4 ways to get cheap train tickets from Istanbul to Ankara.

Book in advance and save

If you're looking for the best deal for your trip from Istanbul to Ankara, booking train tickets in advance is a great way to save money, but keep in mind that advance tickets are usually not available until 3 months before your travel date.

Stay flexible with your travel time and explore off-peak journeys

Planning your trips around off-peak travel times not only means that you'll be able to avoid the crowds, but can also end up saving you money. Being flexible with your schedule and considering alternative routes or times will significantly impact the amount of money you spend on getting from Istanbul to Ankara.

Always check special offers

Checking on the latest deals can help save a lot of money, making it worth taking the time to browse and compare prices. So make sure you get the best deal on your ticket and take advantage of special fares for children, youth and seniors as well as discounts for groups.

Unlock the potential of slower trains or connecting trains

If you're planning a trip with some flexible time, why not opt for the scenic route? Taking slower trains or connecting trains that make more stops may save you money on your ticket – definitely worth considering if it fits in your schedule.

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Virail Pro Tip ✌: Booking 10 days in advance save 10% on average

Price as departure date approaches

Train companies may charge higher ticket prices as the date of departure approaches. Prices in the next days can range from around $10.67 to $12.76 but may be subject to change. Our advice is to book as early as possible to potentially save up to 16% on your trip!

Best time to book cheap train tickets from Istanbul to Ankara

The cheapest Istanbul - Ankara train tickets can be found for as low as $7.85 if you’re lucky, or $10.91 on average. The most expensive ticket can cost as much as $15.39.

Find the best day to travel to Ankara by train

When travelling to Ankara by train, if you want to avoid crowds you can check how frequently our customers are travelling in the next 30-days using the graph below. On average, the peak hours to travel are between 6:30am and 9am in the morning, or between 4pm and 7pm in the evening. Please keep this in mind when travelling to your point of departure as you may need some extra time to arrive, particularly in big cities!

Services on board TCDD from Istanbul to Ankara
Compare services on board when travelling from Istanbul to Ankara by train.
Facilities TCDD
quiet_zone Quiet zone check
wifi WiFi check
power_sockets Power sockets check
luggage Luggage check
accessibility Accessibility check
food_and_drink Food and drink check
air_con Air conditioning check
bicycle Bicycle check
sleeper_couchette Sleeper check

Istanbul to Ankara CO2 Emissions by Train

What are the CO2 emissions from Istanbul to Ankara by train? The CO2 emissions from taking the train between Istanbul and Ankara are 24.66kg.
How much CO2 do I save by taking the train between Istanbul and Ankara? By taking the train between Istanbul and Ankara you will save 45.81kg CO2 emissions compared to a flight, 1.77kg compared to a bus and 31.72kg compared to a car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a train ticket from Istanbul to Ankara?
A train ticket from Istanbul to Ankara is $12.03. However the price varies depending on how early you buy, and if it's peak time to travel. Occasionally you can find them for as cheap as $10.27.
What's the cheapest train ticket from Istanbul to Ankara?
The cheapest ticket you can get from Istanbul to Ankara is $10.27. We recommend booking as early as possible and off-peak hours to get the cheapest ticket possible. Off-peak times are usually from 09:30 to 16:00, and after 19:00.
What's the distance between Istanbul and Ankara by train?
Istanbul to Ankara is 218.94 mi.
How long does the train between Istanbul and Ankara take?
Istanbul to Ankara is on average 5 hr 46 min. However the fastest option will get you there in 3 hr 43 min.
How many train connections per day go from Istanbul to Ankara?
Istanbul to Ankara has 18 connection(s) per day on average.
What time does the first train from Istanbul to Ankara leave?
The earliest train from Istanbul to Ankara departs at 6:00 AM. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
What time does the last train from Istanbul to Ankara depart?
The latest train from Istanbul to Ankara departs at 11:41 PM. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
Should I book my ticket from Istanbul to Ankara in advance?
If you can, we recommend booking your ticket as early as possible to ensure you get better savings. The cheapest train ticket we have found is $10.27 but this may be subject to change depending on the day of travel, hour you wish to depart and how far in advance you book.
How many direct connections depart from Istanbul to Ankara?
There are on average 18 direct connection(s) from Istanbul to go to Ankara.
What's the fastest journey time between Istanbul to Ankara by train?
The fastest journey time by train between Istanbul and Ankara is 3 hr 43 min.
Is there a direct train from Istanbul to Ankara?
Yes, there is a direct train between Istanbul and Ankara.
What are the CO2 emissions for Istanbul to Ankara by train?
The train journey from Istanbul to Ankara creates 24.66kg of CO2 emissions.

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