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Lagos to Portimao by train

The journey from Lagos to Portimao by train is 7.94 mi and takes 0 hr 19 min. There are 8 connections per day, with the first departure at 6:10 AM and the last at 8:11 PM. It is possible to travel from Lagos to Portimao by train for as little as $2.26 or as much as $2.26. The best price for this journey is $2.26.

Lowest Price$2.26
Journey Duration0 hr 19 min
Connection per Day8
Lowest Price$2.26
Highest Price$2.26
First Departure6:10 AM
Last Departure8:11 PM
Distance7.94 mi
CarriersR - Regional

Lagos to Portimao Train Times

Departure date
Sunday, Jul 14, 2024

Travel from Lagos to Portimão by Train

The average train journey duration from Lagos to Portimão is 0 hr 19 min. The distance between the two main stations is approximately 7.94 mi. Travelers have approximately 8 train connections to choose from per day. The cheapest train ticket available for this route is around $2.26. Departing from Lagos, trains typically leave from LAGOS, connecting to Portimão at PORTIMAO,Portimão Airport, PRM stations.

The railway service between Lagos and Portimão is managed primarily by Comboios de Portugal, providing comfortable and efficient services. The varying classes allow passengers to choose according to their comfort preferences and budget, with options offering spacious seating, air-conditioning, and personalized services.

Trains on this route allow passengers to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the Algarve region. Some trains also offer dining services, providing passengers with various local Portuguese cuisine options.

Lagos Railway Station is well-equipped with amenities such as eateries, ATMs, and clean restrooms, ensuring passenger needs are met efficiently. It is well-connected to local transit like buses and taxis, providing easy commutes to various city points. In contrast, Portimão Railway Station offers essential services and a welcoming atmosphere, surrounded by establishments offering local Portuguese cuisines. Utilizing mapping services and conducting prior research are recommended for effortless transitions and optimal local experiences at both stations.

What to eat in Portimão:

  1. Sardinha Assada: Grilled sardines, a popular dish in the Algarve region.
  2. Caldeirada: A flavorful Portuguese fish stew made with various fish and shellfish.
  3. Feijoada: A hearty bean stew with pork, a staple of Portuguese cuisine.
  4. Arroz de Marisco: A delicious seafood rice dish rich in flavors.
  5. Frango Piri-Piri: Spicy grilled chicken, a must-try in Portugal.
  6. Pastel de Nata: A creamy custard tart, a famous Portuguese pastry.
  7. Bifana: A spicy pork sandwich, a popular snack in Portugal.
  8. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato: Clams cooked with garlic and coriander, a flavorful seafood dish.
  9. Algarve Salad: A refreshing salad with oranges, onions, and olives.
  10. Dom Rodrigo: A traditional Algarve dessert made with eggs and almonds.

What to Do in Portimão:

  1. Explore the beautiful Praia da Rocha beach.
  2. Visit the Fort of Santa Catarina, a historical fortification with panoramic views.
  3. Discover the Museu de Portimão, showcasing the city's history and heritage.
  4. Enjoy water sports and activities at the Algarve International Autodrome.
  5. Stroll around the Portimão Marina and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere.
  6. Explore the natural beauty of the Ria de Alvor Nature Reserve.
  7. Visit the Igreja Matriz de Portimão, a beautiful parish church.
  8. Enjoy the local cuisine at the traditional Portuguese restaurants in Portimão.
  9. Discover the local crafts and products at the Portimão markets.
  10. Relax and rejuvenate at the local spas offering traditional Portuguese treatments.

Day Trips from Portimão:

Explore the stunning cliffs and caves of the Ponta da Piedade, a short trip from Portimão. The historic town of Silves offers a medieval castle and a beautiful cathedral. The Monchique Mountains provide breathtaking views and relaxing thermal baths. The town of Alvor offers charming streets and beautiful beaches. Numerous other nearby destinations offer diverse experiences, from the tranquil beaches of Praia da Marinha to the bustling markets of Loulé.

Travel Tips for Portimão:

When in Portimão, explore the local markets and try the diverse range of Portuguese cuisine available. Utilize local transportation like buses and taxis to explore the city and its surroundings efficiently. Dress appropriately for the weather and stay hydrated, especially during hot days. Portimão has a vibrant cultural scene, so check out local events, concerts, and exhibitions. Be cautious with your belongings, especially crowded places, and respect local customs and traditions. Finally, enjoy the hospitality and the relaxing atmosphere of Portimão, and don't forget to try the local wines and seafood dishes.

When planning your journey from Lagos to Portimão by train, rely on Virail. Our platform compares numerous routes and transport modes to bring you the best travel deals. Check the price calendar below for the most affordable Lagos-Portimão adventure options.

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If you're looking for the best deal for your trip from Lagos to Portimao, booking train tickets in advance is a great way to save money, but keep in mind that advance tickets are usually not available until 3 months before your travel date.

Stay flexible with your travel time and explore off-peak journeys

Planning your trips around off-peak travel times not only means that you'll be able to avoid the crowds, but can also end up saving you money. Being flexible with your schedule and considering alternative routes or times will significantly impact the amount of money you spend on getting from Lagos to Portimao.

Always check special offers

Checking on the latest deals can help save a lot of money, making it worth taking the time to browse and compare prices. So make sure you get the best deal on your ticket and take advantage of special fares for children, youth and seniors as well as discounts for groups.

Unlock the potential of slower trains or connecting trains

If you're planning a trip with some flexible time, why not opt for the scenic route? Taking slower trains or connecting trains that make more stops may save you money on your ticket – definitely worth considering if it fits in your schedule.

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Find the best day to travel to Portimao by train

When travelling to Portimao by train, if you want to avoid crowds you can check how frequently our customers are travelling in the next 30-days using the graph below. On average, the peak hours to travel are between 6:30am and 9am in the morning, or between 4pm and 7pm in the evening. Please keep this in mind when travelling to your point of departure as you may need some extra time to arrive, particularly in big cities!

Lagos to Portimao CO2 Emissions by Train

What are the CO2 emissions from Lagos to Portimao by train? The CO2 emissions from taking the train between Lagos and Portimao are 0.89kg.
How much CO2 do I save by taking the train between Lagos and Portimao? By taking the train between Lagos and Portimao you will save 1.67kg CO2 emissions compared to a flight, 0.07kg compared to a bus and 1.15kg compared to a car.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a train ticket from Lagos to Portimao?
A train ticket from Lagos to Portimao is $2.26. However the price varies depending on how early you buy, and if it's peak time to travel. Occasionally you can find them for as cheap as $2.26.
What's the cheapest train ticket from Lagos to Portimao?
The cheapest ticket you can get from Lagos to Portimao is $2.26. We recommend booking as early as possible and off-peak hours to get the cheapest ticket possible. Off-peak times are usually from 09:30 to 16:00, and after 19:00.
What's the distance between Lagos and Portimao by train?
Lagos to Portimao is 7.94 mi.
How long does the train between Lagos and Portimao take?
Lagos to Portimao is on average 0 hr 19 min. However the fastest option will get you there in 0 hr 18 min.
How many train connections per day go from Lagos to Portimao?
Lagos to Portimao has 8 connection(s) per day on average.
What time does the first train from Lagos to Portimao leave?
The earliest train from Lagos to Portimao departs at 6:10 AM. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
What time does the last train from Lagos to Portimao depart?
The latest train from Lagos to Portimao departs at 8:11 PM. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
Should I book my ticket from Lagos to Portimao in advance?
If you can, we recommend booking your ticket as early as possible to ensure you get better savings. The cheapest train ticket we have found is $2.26 but this may be subject to change depending on the day of travel, hour you wish to depart and how far in advance you book.
How many direct connections depart from Lagos to Portimao?
There are on average 8 direct connection(s) from Lagos to go to Portimao.
What's the fastest journey time between Lagos to Portimao by train?
The fastest journey time by train between Lagos and Portimao is 0 hr 18 min.
Is there a direct train from Lagos to Portimao?
Yes, there is a direct train between Lagos and Portimao.
What are the CO2 emissions for Lagos to Portimao by train?
The train journey from Lagos to Portimao creates 0.89kg of CO2 emissions.

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