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Dublin to Westport by train

The journey from Dublin to Westport by train is 137.9 mi and takes 3 h 11 min. There are 18 connections per day, with the first departure at 7:19am and the last at 8:35pm. It is possible to travel from Dublin to Westport by train for as little as or as much as . The best price for this journey is .

Journey Duration 3 h 11 min
Connection per Day 18
First Departure 7:19am
Last Departure 8:35pm
Distance 137.9 mi
Departure Dublin
Arrival Westport
Carriers Irish Rail

Dublin to Westport Train Times

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Departure date
Sunday,Dec 03 2023

Traveling from Dublin to Westport by Train

Embarking on a journey from the bustling heart of Ireland, Dublin, to the tranquil town of Westport, located on the country's west coast, provides a unique blend of urban sophistication meeting serene landscapes. With its rich history and vibrant urban life, Dublin sets the stage for a trip that will transition you to the scenic and culturally rich Westport.

The rail route covers an approximate distance of 137.9 mi. Typically, the journey takes around 4 h 4 min, offering travelers a time of relaxation and anticipation as the cityscapes give way to the rural beauty of Ireland. With 18 trains plying this route every day, there's flexibility for passengers to choose their preferred departure time. Ticket prices often start from an estimated $1.44.

Operated mainly by Irish Rail, the trains are efficient and timely. Departing from Dublin's central Dublin Heuston, Dublin Pearse, Tara Street, Dublin Connolly and Docklands station, passengers are transported smoothly to Westport's Westport station, positioning travelers conveniently upon reaching their destination.

Onboard Experience

Irish trains are tailored for passenger comfort. Expansive windows invite passengers to immerse themselves in the evolving landscapes – from Dublin's urban sprawl to the charming Irish countryside. The seats, catering to both short trips and lengthier journeys, come equipped with power sockets for those keen on using their devices. Complimentary Wi-Fi is often available, allowing passengers to stay connected. For refreshments, many trains offer a trolley service that presents a variety of snacks and meals, ensuring that no traveler goes hungry.

Discover Westport: A Coastal Gem

Westport, nestled on the shores of Clew Bay, offers a blend of traditional and modern Ireland. Its Georgian town center, accentuated by the Carrowbeg River, has been recognized for its charm and design, and the surrounding area boasts some of Ireland's most breathtaking landscapes.

Things to Do/See in Westport

  1. Westport House: A historic estate that provides insights into Ireland's past and offers various family-friendly attractions.
  2. The Great Western Greenway, Ireland's longest off-road walking and cycling trail, promises stunning views and an active adventure.
  3. Clew Bay: Known for its unique drumlin islands, it's a haven for water activities and maritime explorations.
  4. Croagh Patrick: A significant pilgrimage site, this mountain offers challenging hikes and panoramic vistas.
  5. Westport Quay: A vibrant area with shops, pubs, and eateries offering views of the bay and its surroundings.

What to Eat/Drink in Westport:

  1. Seafood: Owing to its coastal location, fresh seafood dishes, especially mussels and oysters, are local specialties.
  2. Irish Lamb: Locally reared, the lamb dishes here have a distinct flavor.
  3. Traditional Irish Breakfast: A hearty start to the day featuring eggs, bacon, sausages, black pudding, and more.
  4. Local Beers and Whiskeys: Westport pubs offer a range of locally brewed drinks, perfect for a relaxing evening.

Travel Tips for Westport

Westport is pedestrian-friendly, but local taxis and bike rentals are available for those wanting to explore the broader area. The town's maritime climate is prone to rainfall, so packing rain gear is advisable. Given Westport's musical heritage, an evening in a local pub with live traditional Irish music is necessary.

Traveling from Dublin to Westport by train encapsulates the essence of Ireland, merging urban landscapes with rural beauty. If you're looking for the most efficient travel options for this journey, combining our guidance with Virail ensures a seamless experience.

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Cheap tickets from Dublin to Westport
Looking for the best deal on a train ticket for your trip? Here are 4 ways to get cheap train tickets from Dublin to Westport.

Book in advance and save

If you're looking for the best deal for your trip from Dublin to Westport, booking train tickets in advance is a great way to save money, but keep in mind that advance tickets are usually not available until 3 months before your travel date.

Stay flexible with your travel time and explore off-peak journeys

Planning your trips around off-peak travel times not only means that you'll be able to avoid the crowds, but can also end up saving you money. Being flexible with your schedule and considering alternative routes or times will significantly impact the amount of money you spend on getting from Dublin to Westport.

Always check special offers

Checking on the latest deals can help save a lot of money, making it worth taking the time to browse and compare prices. So make sure you get the best deal on your ticket and take advantage of special fares for children, youth and seniors as well as discounts for groups.

Unlock the potential of slower trains or connecting trains

If you're planning a trip with some flexible time, why not opt for the scenic route? Taking slower trains or connecting trains that make more stops may save you money on your ticket – definitely worth considering if it fits in your schedule.

Show tickets by

Price as departure date approaches

Train companies may charge higher ticket prices as the date of departure approaches. Prices in the next days can range from around $1 to $16 but may be subject to change. Our advice is to book as early as possible to potentially save up to 91% on your trip!

Best time to book cheap train tickets from Dublin to Westport

The cheapest Dublin - Westport train tickets can be found for as low as $3 if you’re lucky, or $6 on average. The most expensive ticket can cost as much as $10.

Find the best day to travel to Westport by train

When travelling to Westport by train, if you want to avoid crowds you can check how frequently our customers are travelling in the next 30-days using the graph below. On average, the peak hours to travel are between 6:30am and 9am in the morning, or between 4pm and 7pm in the evening. Please keep this in mind when travelling to your point of departure as you may need some extra time to arrive, particularly in big cities!

Carriers on this route

Find out more about the carriers on this route.

Irish Rail is the national railway operator in Ireland, providing passenger services throughout the country. With an extensive network spanning over 2,400km of railway lines, Irish Rail connects major cities and villages like Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick. The company operates a modern fleet of trains, including intercity and commuter services such as InterCity, Commuter and DART, and provides various ticket options to accommodate different needs and budgets.

Services on board Irish Rail from Dublin to Westport
Compare services on board when travelling from Dublin to Westport by train.
Facilities Irish Rail
Quiet zone
Power sockets
Food and drink
Air conditioning

Dublin to Westport CO2 Emissions by Train

What are the CO2 emissions from Dublin to Westport by train? The CO2 emissions from taking the train between Dublin and Westport are 1.4kg.
How much CO2 do I save by taking the train between Dublin and Westport? By taking the train between Dublin and Westport you will save 365.5kg CO2 emissions compared to a flight, 7.8kg compared to a bus and 34.0kg compared to a car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the distance between Dublin and Westport by train?
Dublin to Westport is 137.9 mi.
How long does the train between Dublin and Westport take?
Dublin to Westport is on average 4 h 4 min. However the fastest option will get you there in 3 h 11 min.
Which companies operate from Dublin to Westport?
The train journey from Dublin to Westport is covered by 1 operator(s). On Virail you can find these carriers that provide services on this route: Irish Rail.
How many train connections per day go from Dublin to Westport?
Dublin to Westport has 18 connection(s) per day on average.
What time does the first train from Dublin to Westport leave?
The earliest train from Dublin to Westport departs at 7:19am. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
What time does the last train from Dublin to Westport depart?
The latest train from Dublin to Westport departs at 8:35pm. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
From which stations can I leave from Dublin to Westport?
There are 5 station(s) that you can depart from Dublin to go to Westport. You can go from Dublin Heuston, Dublin Pearse, Tara Street, Dublin Connolly and Docklands and you can arrive at Westport.
How many direct connections depart from Dublin to Westport?
There are on average 3 direct connection(s) from Dublin to go to Westport.
What's the fastest journey time between Dublin to Westport by train?
The fastest journey time by train between Dublin and Westport is 3 h 11 min.
Is there a direct train from Dublin to Westport?
Yes, there is a direct train between Dublin and Westport.
What are the CO2 emissions for Dublin to Westport by train?
The train journey from Dublin to Westport creates 1.4kg of CO2 emissions.

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