Vanja 12/21/2022

Green Ecological Tourism: GLAMPING

Glamping is a new trend and type of outdoor tourism where luxury and respect for nature are the masters. It is a way of camping in a comfortable way with many services that have nothing to envy to those offered by hotels from four stars upwards. The accommodations are often tastefully decorated, equipped with king size beds, bathroom with bathtub, wifi and other facilities. The term glamping is a neologism derived from the merger of the first syllable of the term Glamor and the second of Camping and was first used in 2005 in Great Britain. Today this phenomenon is also spreading in Europe.

Glamping tourism facilities are found in different ecosystems: forests, jungles, deserts, mountainous areas and even national parks. It should be noted that one of the main features is the originality of the accommodation, among which the following stand out:

  • Tree house: a child's dream, equipped with a ladder, which can become a reality in adulthood.
  • Eco lodge: a simple wooden structure, very essential and with low environmental impact. It can often be found in Japan
  • Yurt: a circular wooden structure, covered with a thin but strong fabric, usually composed of a mix of cotton and felt
  • Safari tent: wooden structure with sloping roof. Both the roof and the walls are made of light and resistant fabric. As the name suggests, they are usually used to spend the nights during a safari but, of course, they can be installed in other contexts
  • Types: structure similar to the houses of the American Indians, made up of wooden logs arranged to form a triangle. The cover is made of fabric and there is a hole at the top that acts as an air intake to dissolve the smoke. Fires were lit inside to keep warm.
  • Igloo: the typical dwellings of the Inuit (population of the Arctic), in the shape of domes, made up of blocks of ice. The Glamping Igloos, of course, are not made of ice but they maintain their typical shape.

Unlike traditional camping, this luxury campsite is not exactly a cheap holiday. The price for a tent set up per night can also be very high due to the presence of comforts that have nothing to envy a hotel room.

The user of this type of holiday tends to be different from that typical of camping in tents.

We now suggest some destinations in Europe where you can do Glamping:

  • In Slovenia at the Bled campsite there is an ecological village that has made a commendable choice of sustainable mobility. A short distance from the lake, you can settle into wooden houses.
  • Those who cannot give up the sea will certainly love Arena One 99 in Istria, Croatia. Sauna, massages and yoga by the sea, for a highly comfortable wellness holiday.
  • In Portugal, on the other hand, we find several structures overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and especially in the southern region of the Algarve. Among these, we point out “A Terra”, which looks like a piece of India, due to the style of the tents, transplanted into the tranquility of this semi-wild land.
  • For a more bohemian style you can choose to go to France at the Camping of Le-Temple-sur-lot. Lovers of chic camping can stay inside a caravan equipped with every comfort.
  • Very suggestive is also the style halfway between East and West offered by the San Marco Canons in Mirano, in the province of Venice, in Italy. Here there are special tents that resemble yurts of Asian origin, equipped with every comfort.

If you are characterized by sensitivity towards the theme of sustainable tourism or the attention to the choices you make every day and the impact these choices have on the ecosystem, if you are tired of the usual holidays and you want to try something new, immersed in nature, Glamping is for you!


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