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Everything you need to know about Greyhound

Choosing Greyhound with Virail

A tour of America isn’t a tour of America unless at least part of it includes a trip on one of the country’s iconic Greyhound buses. As America’s premier passenger carrying bus company, Greyhound travels to over 3,800 destinations around the country. Do you want to explore New York City, Texas, or Boston? Or maybe you have a hankering to cross borders into Canada or Mexico. No matter where you want to travel in the US, teaming up with Greyhound and Virail can help find you the best routes at the best prices. All you have to do is plan your route with Virail, and we will direct you to Greyhound’s ticketing portal to book and purchase your tickets.

About Greyhound

The company started carrying passengers in Hibbing, Minnesota, in 1914, but it wasn’t until 1929, that we saw the Greyhound name and logo on the vehicles. Like so many household names, Greyhound Lines Incorporated has had a long and ever-changing history. In 2007, it was taken over by British company First Bus, and after re-jigging, it opened up several new routes, including in 2010, its ‘Greyhound Express’, which makes reduced stops between big-city destinations. Today, Greyhound operates a fleet of 1,700 coaches on a large number of routes covering over 3500 destinations. Greyhound Express also operates between 900 plus pairs of cities, with minimum stops in between. Find your best Greyhound deals on Virail, and see the States from a whole new viewpoint.

Main routes and stations

With Greyhound buses featuring in so many thrillers, American folk songs, or at least one big Hollywood blockbuster every decade since the 1930s, it’s little wonder they are given star status by thousands of visiting travelers every year.

The company operates over 200 Greyhound branded bus stations in most big cities, as well as sharing stations with other providers, and having city curbside pick-up and drop off points. Special services include:

Greyhound Express: Fast city to city transport with fares starting as low as $1 and covering areas from New York to the North East, Midwest, Southern, and Southwestern areas of the United States.

Greyhound Connect: Ferrying passengers from the smaller cities and outlying areas to make connections in the larger urban city areas.

Lucky Streak: For the gamblers, specific coaches that transport you to the cities with big casinos. Current routes are:

Atlantic City to Baltimore: – Brooklyn – New York City – Philadelphia – and Washington D.C.

Quick Link: Greyhound’s own commuter routes operating Monday to Friday during main commuter times.

Greyhound Charter: If you and a large group of family or friends are touring together, chartering a Greyhound coach may well be the cheapest option to get you all to the same place, at the same time.

Of course, if your favorite film is Midnight Cowboy, you can always emulate Joe Buck and (the late) Ratso Rizzo, on their Greyhound bus journey from New York to Florida.

Greyhound ticket pricing and categories

Considering Greyhound covers such a vast area of the United States, plus areas of Canada and Mexico, their ticketing process is straight forward. Fares are made up of three basic types whether you purchase online, by phone, from the bus station, or other outlets such as convenience stores or gas stations.

Economy: Always the cheapest fare, the earlier you buy the more you save. Economy fares are non-refundable. A fee of $20 is charged if you wish to change the ticket before your trip. They allow one bag of luggage with one carry-on bag. Additional bags cost $20 each.

Economy Extra: Non-refundable, and a pre-journey ticket change costs $20, although change on the day is free. One carry-on bag plus one traveling bag are free, additional bags cost $20 each. Economy Extra gives priority boarding, allowing you to be the first one on to choose your seats.

Flexible: Fully refundable, and no fees to change the ticket before your trip. Flexible allows one carry-on bag, plus two free traveling bags. It also gives you priority boarding and free same-day exchange.

Greyhound also offers discounts for students with a discount card, the families of serving military personnel and veterans, and seniors over 62 years of age.

Main transportation types used by Greyhound

Greyhound is a dedicated coach service with 1700 vehicles currently in operation, although it operates some routes with BoltBus and Amtrak. All long-distance vehicles are new or have been rebuilt and refurbished. Older vehicles are restricted to the shorter commuter routes.

Main amenities offered by Greyhound

Greyhound endeavors to make your cross-country trip as comfortable as possible. All long-distance coaches have:

  • Extra passenger legroom
  • Comfortable leather seating
  • Onboard entertainment system
  • Wheelchair lifts
  • Onboard WCs
  • 120v power outlets, and Wi-Fi

Greyhound – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any boarding rules?

Boarding begins 20 minutes prior to the stated departure, so make sure you arrive at the station in advance for ease of travel. This is especially important if you have bags as extra time will be required to check-in luggage. If you have priority boarding, try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the boarding time.

How do I book my Greyhound tickets?

Visit Virail’s travel website. After picking your preferred route, traveling date, and departure time, we will direct you to the Greyhound booking portal to complete your transaction.

How do I choose my seat?

Greyhound does not assign a seat at the time of booking. As such, because seats are allocated on a first come, first served basis, be sure to arrive in good time to get the best choice.

How can I change or cancel my ticket?

The option to change or amend your booking depends on the ticket purchased. All flexible tickets are refundable, allowing you to both cancel and change your travel date free of charge. For non-refundable tickets, you can only change your travel date with a $20 fee. Exchanges can be made by telephone through the customer care center.

How can I get a refund for my ticket?

Provided you have a flexible ticket, you can claim a refund on unused and partially used round-trip tickets. To claim, you must post your physical ticket before the date of departure to the Greyhound team along with a written refund request (P.O. Box 660691, MS 470 Dallas, TX 7 5 2 6 6 - 0 6 9 1Dallas, TX 75266-0691 214-849-8966).

How can I reach Greyhound’s customer service?

Greyhound’s customer care service can be reached via online form and telephone (at (800) 268-9000).

** What is Greyhound’s luggage policy?**

One carry-on bag maximum 25lb weight, that will fit into the overhead compartment or under the seat. Up to three storage bags maximum weight 50lb each, and maximum 62 inches, by adding length, depth, and width together.

What is Greyhound’s pet policy?

Greyhound do not allow pets onboard unless they are legitimate service animals riding in companionship with a disabled passenger.

Does Greyhound offer reduced mobility support?

Greyhound aims to assist and serve all passengers travelling with disabilities. As such, the first row of a Greyhound's bus is always reserved for customers with disabilities and the elderly. When traveling with a mobility scooter or wheelchair, ensure you tell Greyhound at the point of booking to ensure you receive adequate service at the station and space for storage if you would like your device stored away during travel.

Tips to travel cheaper with Greyhound

There are many opportunities to book cheaper tickets with Greyhound, including booking long in advance and opting for non-flexible, non-refundable tickets. Be aware that you will not be able to cancel your tickets with the latter option. The cheapest days of travel tend to be Tuesday and Wednesday.

Your journey with Greyhound

Whether you need to commute for business or want to explore other American towns and cities, let Virail and Greyhound take the strain, and help plan your journey from the comfort of your own home. Why invite all the stress-related problems you get from airport delays or endless traffic queues? Using Virail and Greyhound, you can continue working on your latest business presentation, or relax with the onboard entertainment center, as the stress-free miles tick down to your destination.

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