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Everything you need to know about Flixbus

Choosing Flixbus with Virail

Choosing to travel with Flixbus through Virail will give you a unique opportunity to comfortably explore Europe by bus. When using Flixbus, you have the choice of traveling through 29 countries both in Europe and the United States. With Virail, you can find the best routes and fares for your upcoming trip, and with your journey all set, you will be redirected to the Flixbus website to book your ticket.

About Flixbus

Flixbus is a mobility provider that launched in Germany in 2013. Through its growing network of 350,000 daily connections to 2,500 destinations, it offers a travel experience that is both sustainable and comfortable. Flixbus partners with regional bus companies to provide a fleet of more than 2000 green buses. Other perks of the Flixbus traveling experience include free Wi-Fi, innovative ticketing-systems, flexible online booking, a mobile app, CO2 compensation and prices designed to fit any budget.

Main routes and stations

Flixbus has over two thousand stations linked by intercity buses. Some of their popular routes are:

*Berlin to Hamburg *Paris to Berlin *Copenhagen to Berlin *Berlin to Amsterdam *Frankfurt to Paris

Ticket categories and pricing

FlixBus tickets are very affordable with no specified categories. That means you don’t need to worry about buying the right ticket. The only exception is the overnight bus service for those who want to travel overnight.

Main transportation types used by Flixbus

Flixbus is committed to making mobility greener by reducing the CO2 footprint per passenger. As such, Flixbus continues to add electric buses to its fleet of regular buses, along with double-decker buses that carry more passengers for each trip.

Main amenities offered by Flixbus

Traveling with Flixbus, you are guaranteed large, comfortable seats with extra legroom. Snacks and drinks are available to purchase on board, and passengers benefit from air-conditioning, power outlets, restrooms and dedicated luggage areas.

Flixbus – Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any boarding rules?

Flixbus is a very punctual service. To avoid missing or delaying travel, ensure that you arrive in the boarding area at least 15 minutes prior to your bus' departure.

What are the check-in rules?

You are required to present your ticket — either printed or as an e-ticket on your smartphone — to the bus driver for scanning before you enter the bus. Also, you must embark at the exact location specified on your ticket.

How do I book a ticket?

Once you choose Flixbus as your travel option on Virail you will be sent to their website to book your ticket. When booking, include the number of passengers and choose your seats. You can also book a ticket via the Flixbus app, at a Flixshop, or buy it directly from the driver.

How do I choose my seat?

Seat reservations are made at the point of booking. Here, you will be offered a seat map with all available seats which you can choose for a price. Flixbus offers classic, table, panorama (front row) and extra space seats. Charges will depend on the journey time, but classic seats remain the cheapest options while panorama are the most expensive.

How do I change a ticket?

To change the departure time or destination of your trip, cancel the part of your trip you wish to change by accessing your booking page, and then use the voucher you receive to book a new trip. If the ticket price has risen since your booking, you will be charged the difference. Cancellations can be made up to 15 minutes before your departure time, subject to a booking fee.

Can I get a refund if I cancel my ticket?

Flixbus does not offer refunds per se, but vouchers which cover the cost paid for a ticket for use on future tickets. If you are canceling your trip up to 30 days before your intended date of travel, you will receive a voucher with no fee. Cancelations made within that 30-day travel window are subject to additional fees. Fees break down based on when you cancel or amend a booking. Cancellations made fewer than 3 days before your departure are subject to a $5 fee, while those made 3-13 days before are charged $3 and those made between 14 and 29 days before travel will be charged $1.

In the case of an unused ticket, you can apply for a refund for the price of the ticket minus any applicable fees, through a contact form. You are required to include documents that prove that you did not travel, along with the application.

How do I reach Flixbus’ customer service ?

To get help for any issue encountered while using the service, fill out a contact form or call the customer service staff at +49 30 300 137 300.

What is the luggage policy?

You can only bring one item of hand luggage and travel luggage for free. Additional luggage is allowed, and its total dimensions must be under 160 cm. Hand luggage must measure up to 42 x 30 x 18 cm and weigh up to 7 kg while hold luggage, such as a trekking backpack, can measure up to 80 x 50 x 30 cm and weigh up to 20 kg. Do you have a larger bag or a foldable bicycle? Simply bring it along as special luggage. Such luggage must have a total circumference of up to 240 cm and a weight of up to 30 kg. Payment for additional luggage is made in cash to the bus driver.

Can I bring my bike?

Standard size bicycles, lighter than 20 kg, are permitted.

What is the pet policy?

Apart from guide dogs and companion dogs, no other animals are allowed on the bus. Your companion dog can travel with you for free provided you have the proper medical certificate. You must, however, contact Flixbus’ customer service team immediately after booking to let them know you are traveling with a companion animal.

Does Flixbus offer reduced mobility support?

Flixbus provides free transport for foldable wheelchairs, walking aids and other assistive devices. There are dedicated sections and hydraulic lifts for passengers who need to travel in their wheelchairs. Flixbus also allows for passengers traveling with medical oxygen cylinders.

Do I need to book a ticket for my child?

Tickets for all children must be booked, with kids under 16 traveling at a discounted fare on all buses. However, if you are booking an early-bird service far in advance, you may find the standard adult ticket is cheaper than the child’s discounted seat. For very young travelers under 3, please ensure you bring a child seat with you.

Can my child travel alone?

Children over 10 years of age are allowed to travel alone providing consent is given by a parent or guardian at the point of booking. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Supervision cannot be provided by drivers onboard and children cannot travel alone on international routes. Children above 15 years old can travel alone without restrictions.

How can I travel cheaper with Flixbus?

Flixbus offers discounts, varying from country to country, to children, senior citizens, and students. To use the discounts, you must show your identification document. Tickets booked early have much better prices than those booked at the last minute. Flixbus also offers discounts for groups of three to 40 people.

Your journey with Flixbus

Flixbus goes a long way to provide affordable and sustainable mobility, so guaranteed to have a smooth and comfortable experience. We are delighted that you picked Flixbus with us. We wish you a lovely trip and invite you to use our site next time.

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