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Flight Fortaleza to Recife: Times, Prices and Tickets


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Traveling from Fortaleza to Recife with Virail

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How much do plane tickets from Fortaleza to Recife cost?

Prices will vary when you travel from Fortaleza to Recife. On average, though, you'll pay about $ 143.02 for a plane ticket. You can find plane tickets for prices as low as $ 14.05, but it may require some flexibility with your travel plans. If you're looking for a low price, you may need to prepare to spend more time in transit. You can also often find cheaper plane tickets at particular times of day, or on certain days of the week. Of course, ticket prices often change during the year, too; expect to pay more in peak season. For the lowest prices, it's usually best to make your reservation in advance. Be careful, though, as many airlines do not offer refunds or exchanges on their cheapest plane tickets.

Fortaleza to Recife by flight

Best price $ 61.88
Journey duration 1 h 14 min
Connections per day 8
First departure 06:35
Last departure 19:50
Distance 391.5 mi

Route Summary by plane

Minimum price
Maximum price
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Pinto Martins - Guararapes Intl
06:35 - 07:45
$ 145.52
Duration: 1 h 15 min
Pinto Martins - Guararapes Intl
10:15 - 11:30
$ 157.12
Duration: 1 h 10 min
Pinto Martins - Guararapes Intl
07:40 - 08:50
$ 159.07
Duration: 1 h 15 min
Pinto Martins - Guararapes Intl
14:55 - 16:10
$ 174.35

How long does the journey from Fortaleza to Recife take by plane?

In order to get from Fortaleza to Recife faster, consider looking for an express service that makes fewer stops along the way. Conversely, a connecting route may, in some circumstances, be faster than a direct journey. The fastest routes between Fortaleza and Recife will complete the journey in 1 h 5 min.On average, it will take you about 1 h 13 min to travel the 391.5 mi between Fortaleza and Recife.

What time are the first and last departures from Fortaleza to Recife?

If you prefer to travel early, you will usually find the first departure from Fortaleza to Recife leaving at 14:50. Although things may change depending on the day, in general the last daily departure leaves at 19:50.If you have some flexibility over the day on which you travel, you might find more options available to you. For example, some providers may only run early morning routes on weekdays, when people are traveling to work. You will often find fewer options available on weekends or public holidays.

Which airports can I use to travel from Fortaleza to Recife?

You can depart from Fortaleza at airports such as Pinto Martins. At the end of the journey, you will be able to arrive in Recife at the following airports: Guararapes Intl. Some of these airports may only be served by particular airlines. Because of this, there may not be a direct connection between all the airports in Fortaleza and Recife. Plan your journey carefully, as it may be necessary to make another connection before departure or after arrival.

How many daily journeys are there from Fortaleza to Recife?

You will be able to travel from Fortaleza to Recife using companies such as GOL Linhas Aéreas, ไทยแอร์เอเชีย, LATAM Airlines, , Azul, GOL and Air Europa. Combined, these providers offer an average of 7 journeys each day. This average figure may not necessarily reflect your chosen travel dates. On certain days of the week, there may be more or less journeys available. At the busiest times, there will be up to 10 departures available in a single day. You can choose to travel from Fortaleza to Recife using both direct and indirect routes. These options will help you find a journey that suits your budget, your time frame, and the circumstances of your trip. There are, on average, 7 direct connections from Fortaleza to Recife each day. Indirect connections add more possibilities, giving you extra flexibility when traveling. In an average day, you will find 0 journeys with at least one change. These figures may vary at certain times of year, and some routes might not run every day of the week.