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Galaţi to Trieste by bus

The journey from Galaţi to Trieste by bus is 689.7 mi and takes 29 h 10 min. There are 1 connections per day, with the first departure at 12:15am and the last at 12:15am. It is possible to travel from Galaţi to Trieste by bus for as little as $102.64 or as much as $102.64. The best price for this journey is $102.64.

Best Price $102.64
Journey Duration 29 h 10 min
Connection per Day 1
Lowest Price $102.64
Highest Price $102.64
First Departure 12:15am
Last Departure 12:15am
Distance 689.7 mi
Departure Galaţi
Arrival Trieste
Carriers FlixBus

Galaţi to Trieste Bus Times

    Oct 04
    Oct 05
    Oct 06
    Oct 07
    Oct 08
    Oct 09
    Oct 10
    Oct 11
    Oct 12
    Oct 13
    Oct 14
    Oct 15
    Oct 16
    Oct 17
    Oct 18
Departure date
Wednesday,Oct 04 2023

Quick and easy travel from Galaţi to Trieste with Virail

What's the best way to get from Galaţi to Trieste? If you're not sure, don't worry - Virail can help you. The only thing you have to do is enter your planned travel dates, and let Virail's powerful search tool deal with the rest. We'll look at the routes offered by our trusted travel partners to give you all your available options. Whether you want to travel by plane, train, bus, carpool, or something else, we'll find your ideal solution. You can filter your results according to price, departure or arrival time, journey duration, number of connections, one-way or round trip - anything you want. Virail will give you a full, clear picture of how to get from Galaţi to Trieste, then transfer you to your chosen provider's website to complete your booking.

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Cheap tickets from Galaţi to Trieste
Looking for the best deal on a train ticket for your trip? Here are 4 ways to get cheap train tickets from Galaţi to Trieste.

Book in advance and save

If you're looking for the best deal for your trip from Galaţi to Trieste, booking train tickets in advance is a great way to save money, but keep in mind that advance tickets are usually not available until 3 months before your travel date.

Stay flexible with your travel time and explore off-peak journeys

Planning your trips around off-peak travel times not only means that you'll be able to avoid the crowds, but can also end up saving you money. Being flexible with your schedule and considering alternative routes or times will significantly impact the amount of money you spend on getting from Galaţi to Trieste.

Always check special offers

Checking on the latest deals can help save a lot of money, making it worth taking the time to browse and compare prices. So make sure you get the best deal on your ticket and take advantage of special fares for children, youth and seniors as well as discounts for groups.

Unlock the potential of slower trains or connecting trains

If you're planning a trip with some flexible time, why not opt for the scenic route? Taking slower trains or connecting trains that make more stops may save you money on your ticket – definitely worth considering if it fits in your schedule.

Best time to book cheap bus tickets from Galaţi to Trieste

The cheapest Galaţi - Trieste bus tickets can be found for as low as $65 if you’re lucky, or $87 on average. The most expensive ticket can cost as much as $104.

Find the best day to travel to Trieste by bus

When travelling to Trieste by bus, if you want to avoid crowds you can check how frequently our customers are travelling in the next 30-days using the graph below. On average, the peak hours to travel are between 6:30am and 9am in the morning, or between 4pm and 7pm in the evening. Please keep this in mind when travelling to your point of departure as you may need some extra time to arrive, particularly in big cities!

Carriers on this route

Find out more about the carriers on this route.

FlixBus, a long-distance bus company, operates in both Europe and the United States. Founded in 2013, it has grown to become one of the largest bus operators in Europe, connecting over 2,500 destinations in 30 countries. Originating in Germany, FlixBus has expanded quickly to neighboring countries including France, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Croatia, while also offering regular services to Norway, Spain, and England. With affordable fares and comfortable amenities such as free Wi-Fi, power outlets, and onboard toilets, FlixBus provides a convenient and enjoyable travel experience.

Services on board FlixBus from Galaţi to Trieste
Compare services on board when travelling from Galaţi to Trieste by bus.
Facilities FlixBus
Power sockets
Food and drink
Air conditioning

Galaţi to Trieste CO2 Emissions by Bus


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a bus ticket from Galaţi to Trieste?
A bus ticket from Galaţi to Trieste is $102.64. However the price varies depending on how early you buy, and if it's peak time to travel. Occasionally you can find them for as cheap as $102.64.
What's the cheapest bus ticket from Galaţi to Trieste?
The cheapest ticket you can get from Galaţi to Trieste is $102.64. We recommend booking as early as possible and off-peak hours to get the cheapest ticket possible. Off-peak times are usually from 09:30 to 16:00, and after 19:00.
What's the distance between Galaţi and Trieste by bus?
Galaţi to Trieste is 689.7 mi.
How long does the bus between Galaţi and Trieste take?
Galaţi to Trieste is on average 29 h 10 min. However the fastest option will get you there in 29 h 10 min.
Which companies operate from Galaţi to Trieste?
The bus journey from Galaţi to Trieste is covered by 1 operator(s). On Virail you can find these carriers that provide services on this route: FlixBus.
How many bus connections per day go from Galaţi to Trieste?
Galaţi to Trieste has 1 connection(s) per day on average.
What time does the first bus from Galaţi to Trieste leave?
The earliest bus from Galaţi to Trieste departs at 12:15am. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
What time does the last bus from Galaţi to Trieste depart?
The latest bus from Galaţi to Trieste departs at 12:15am. However be sure to check with us the schedule on the day you want to leave as the time may differ.
Should I book my ticket from Galaţi to Trieste in advance?
If you can, we recommend booking your ticket as early as possible to ensure you get better savings. The cheapest bus ticket we have found is $102.64 but this may be subject to change depending on the day of travel, hour you wish to depart and how far in advance you book.
From which stations can I leave from Galaţi to Trieste?
There are 1 station(s) that you can depart from Galaţi to go to Trieste. You can go from Galați and you can arrive at Trieste.
What's the fastest journey time between Galaţi to Trieste by bus?
The fastest journey time by bus between Galaţi and Trieste is 29 h 10 min.
Is there a direct bus from Galaţi to Trieste?
Yes, there is a direct bus between Galaţi and Trieste.
What are the CO2 emissions for Galaţi to Trieste by bus?
The bus journey from Galaţi to Trieste creates 65.6kg of CO2 emissions.

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