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Altoona, PA to Harrisburg, PA by bus

Distance 81.4 mi
Departure Altoona, PA
Arrival Harrisburg, PA
Carriers Amtrak, Greyhound

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Altoona, PA - Harrisburg, PA


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How much time will it take to go from Altoona, PA to Harrisburg, PA by bus?

With a distance of 81.4 mi between Altoona, PA and Harrisburg, PA, it will usually take to complete the journey. This average figure may vary from day to day. Delays could be caused by unexpected weather conditions, roadworks or construction, local events, or other unforeseen circumstances. Remember that your journey may take longer than . Make your plans with this in mind to avoid disappointment, particularly if you are traveling on a tight schedule.

What time are the departures from Altoona, PA to Harrisburg, PA?

If you want to set off early, take the first departure of the day from Altoona, PA to Harrisburg, PA, which usually leaves at . The last scheduled departure of the night is normally at . These timetables may vary depending on the day of the week, or at different times of year.

How many journeys from Altoona, PA to Harrisburg, PA take place each day?

Unfortunately, no connection was found for your trip from Altoona, PA to Harrisburg, PA. Selecting a new departure or arrival city, without dramatically changing your itinerary could help you find connections.


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