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About US

Where it all started

Virail was born in Milan in 2012 as a side project of Dario Guarascio (Founder & CTO), when he created a comparison system for Italian train times after the high-speed railway operations were split. Over the years, the technology has improved, leading to the addition of bus, carpooling, flight and rental car results for customers.

As the scope of the platform grew, together with interest from travelers all over the world, investments were received in 2017 and the headquarters relocated to Berlin. Today, Virail is a 15-person strong company with an ambitious mission.

Our Mission

We believe through travel that the world can become a more understanding, peaceful and happy place. We want to make travel transparent and accessible to everyone across the globe.

What we do

A powerful search engine fuelled with the best of our abilities

Virail brings technology to traveling in a way no other search engine does. Sifting through thousands of routes on rails, road and air offered by our trusted travel partners, Virail rigorously delivers accurate information in a simple manner, at the tip of your fingers.

With the traveler being Virail’s first priority, our software, product, partnership and marketing teams work together to gather, process, and compare travel data in a continuously improving user experience.

The way Virail functions is simple and effective on the outside, but complex and powerful on the inside. We collect information from various partners' websites regarding availability, scheduling, and pricing in a fast, automated and efficient manner, so you don’t have to waste time doing it manually. The data Virail delivers is accurate and up-to-date, and whenever you run a search, we rapidly gather the most updated information and aggregate it in a simple, clean and fast overview.

Kickoff your next adventure with us!

At Virail, we empower people that perform! With us, you can expect to give and receive only positive and enthusiastic energy. Each employee and candidate is treated equally and with respect, regardless of gender, origin, ethnicity, or religion. With all of that being said, no matter who you are and where you come from - we are excited to meet you!

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